Submissions from 2018


The Effects of Enhanced Compiler Error Messages on a Syntax Error Debugging Test, Brett Becker Dr, Kyle Goslin, and Graham Glanville

Submissions from 2017


Turning a Low-Performing Organisation Into a High-Performing One Through The Implementation of a knowledge-based strategy, Yasmina Khadir-Poggi, Mary A. keating, and Stephen Chandler

Submissions from 2016


Effective Compiler Error Message Enhancement for Novice Programming Students, Brett Becker Dr and Graham Glanville

Submissions from 2015


Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices: The Voice of the Student, Graham Glanville and Brett Becker Dr

Submissions from 2014


Introducing Contemplative Pedagogy to the Classroom: Implementation, Experience and Effects on Concentration, Graham Glanville, Ricardo Iwashima, and Brett Becker Dr


Turning Knowledge Assets into Innovative Business Processes: An Empirical Example In The Asset Management industry, Yasmina Khadir-Poggi, Mary A. Keating, and Stephen Chandler

Submissions from 2013


Efforts in Outreach Programmes to Inform Secondary Students on Studying ICT at Third Level, Brett Becker Dr, Graham Glanville, and Padráig MacDonagh