I wish to post my final year project/dissertation to ARC. What is the procedure for this?

All students are informed by CCT faculty and Library Management that final year projects and dissertations with a mark of 2.1 upwards are archived on ARC. Students are provided with the option of opting out if they do not want their works uploaded to ARC. Please contact CCT Librarian, Debora Zorzi ( if you would like further information or if you wish to have a work removed from ARC.

What are the advantages of archiving my applied project or dissertation on ARC?

When you archive your work on ARC, people from around the world can read your research. Other students can also learn about the process of constructing a final year project/dissertations. Finally students receive a unique URL for their work for inclusion on their Linkedin profile to support applications for jobs or further study.

How do I post my final year project/dissertation to ARC?

The CCT Library Service uploads eligible works to ARC on your behalf. Debora Zorzi, CCT Librarian, will create metadata for your work to drive retrievability and generate readership. Please contact Debora at if you require further information.


Can I submit my academic paper to ARC?

It depends on what the journal allows, which is usually specified in their agreement with the author. If it would not violate copyright to post the article on your repository site, you're welcome to do so. Permissions for many publishers can be found at SHERPA ROMEO ( In the event that the publisher does not permit the posting of your academic paper to an institutional repository like ARC, many journals do permit the posting of a pre or post prints. Please refer to the journal's author agreement or to SHERPA ROMEO for further details. Alternatively contact Debora Zorzi, College Librarian for further information

What are the advantages of archiving academic papers and other scholarly output on ARC?

Research indicates that archiving your work on an institutional repository such as ARC drives readership to your work, also increasing the possibility of your work being cited.

Is it possible to submit a digital artefact to ARC

Students, faculty and staff are permitted to archive digital artefacts on ARC. Please contact CCT Librarian Debora Zorzi for further information at