Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project


BB(Hons) in Business


Graham Glanville


This paper provides the analysis of sustainable marketing and how is managed through social platforms. Globalization and the rise of the digital era have allowed companies to put more effort in their sustainability practices. Therefore, it is important to know that consumers are smarter more demanding, thus, brands a creating relevant content to share their corporate share values.

The data has been gathered from number of website’s articles, previous studies, books and videos. The current study has been an attempted to build knowledge and to understand the importance of how sustainable brands such as Weleda, Patagonia, Whole foods, McDonalds, Alo Yoga developed their strategies through social media to promote engagement to consumer.However, beyond creating engagement, brand need to consider other strategies though examine the customer journey.

The findings of this research demonstrated that other sustainable brands create engagement by creating share value. Thus, relevant content can build a strong and long relationship between the brand and consumers. According to Cocking (2019) storytelling has become fundamental for this practice based on entertainment, learning, brand promotion and more. This evidence is shown by Kiepura (2017) with his example of Footprint Chronicles by Patagonia communicating their supply change problem with higher level of transparency. On the other hand, (USG) shown that creating the Hashtags #AloGivesWater and #cartgoals helped brands such as Alo yoga and Whole Food to connect with their audiences and build awareness.

In overall, when planning a customer journey, sustainable brands are developing a model of experience economy. However, each interaction in the costumer journey will make a difference for the next step to satisfy consumer needs an understand consumer behaviours. As a result, brand can put more effort with their practices and build awareness between the consumers and the brand.


Applied Business Research Projects