Martha Gilheaney


BA(Hons) in Business


Human resource management


A clock requires every single, even the smallest piece of its’ machinery to perform the tasks that is meant to do in order to function correctly. If there is a piece that is not working properly, it can be the cause of the clock not working at all. This same premise can be applied to the work environment, viewing the organization as ‘’the clock’’ and employees as ‘’the machinery’’, performing tasks for the general functionality of the organization that could lead it to either success or failure. This is the reason why it is vital for any type of organization that is willing to achieve its’ goals to make sure that every single individual working within it is performing their tasks to the best of their capacities. If the organization is not a human entity, how can it make sure that its’ workforce is complying to play their part for the success of the company? Well, the answer to this question could be Human Resource Management.

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