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This strategic plan has been formulated and introduced at a time of general global economic recovery from the acute downturn spanning the period 2008 - 2013. However, the effects of the downturn are still widely felt in parts of the world and across Ireland. The current Irish government (2017) is currently reviewing a new approach to funding of higher education in Ireland. Exchequer funding for state institutions reduced in the main in late noughties, although creative state initiatives such as Springboard are still available for accessible higher education and training. For the first time in Irish history, students of established and state accredited independent colleges of higher education are being considered by government for state grant-aid to attend state validated programmes, with potential funding on fees also. Society expects opportunities within education and training, and the private sector of education in Ireland, has a role to play in this respect. Having navigated successfully through the very challenging downturn period, remaining profitable each year, and reinvesting all annual profits to maintain a steady organic and continuous strategic development, CCT is still a young College within an early growth stage. However, we recognise that the next three years of the College's development is a critical one in extending our scope of provision into delivery of postgraduate Masters level provision, professional education, and education through linked provision, and growing overall student numbers by 50%. As an independent College, we recognise that we have to continue to be creative and opportunistic in education provision and income generation, with the student, and quality at the core of everything we do.