BSc (Hons) in Computing in IT


Computer Science


When talking about consuming and making purchases, it is always expected that there will also be a transaction in this act of trading and in this transaction a paper receipt is included, where the user gets a description of what they have spent and how much was spent.

The current dissertation demonstrates an application solution to reduce the cost of paper receipts that have been used in a daily basis stage and to track the value of expenses and incomes of a user who is consuming and spending their money when purchasing goods.

Additionally, we implement the Ecological Expense Tracker (EcoExT), using Raspberry Pi (RPi) educational computer in order to display the QR Codes that will be generated on the server and the application will be able to scan the code and gather the receipt.

Finally, the prototype created will show the results of the success work and future recommendations in order to improve the current version of the system.

Date of Award

Summer 5-2019

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


IT Y3 Group Project