Muhammad Iqbal


BSc (Hons) in Computing in IT


Computer Science


Developing a recommendation menu system for restaurants based on the restaurant data and/or city food purchase data to help and change the way restaurants build their menu. Using Data Analysis and Machine Learning to build a project that aims to solve the problem of restaurants and chefs when it comes to preparing menus, the latter with ingredients and dishes that encourage their customers to order more, come back and recommend the restaurant. Helping chefs to create dishes for their restaurants with more accuracy and higher probability to be ordered by their customers. The project will cover tools to build the predictions, the project plan, collect datasets, manipulate data and evaluate the aspects of the situation. The main business goal of our project is to predict what ingredients customers would like to eat and, from that, give restaurants ingredient suggestions to create their next menu. By providing an efficient ingredients decision maker, it will simplify the way menus are elaborated and improve overall customers satisfaction. Another motivating factor in choosing this project was its potential to help society tackle the huge problem of food waste and the inequalities this entails.

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Capstone Project

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bachelor thesis