BSc (Hons) in Computing in IT


Computer Science


Nowadays, accessing the Internet in a secure way in a big concern for many people due to the increase of cybersecurity attacks and the vulnerability of the data that is transferred online. In order to address such vulnerabilities, the use of a Virtual Private Network is really important. Not only for security reasons, but also to access resources of the network, such as printers, files or web pages. Considering that many people, especially IT students, have curiosity and enjoy creating their own technologies, this project aims to create a user manual to teach how people can create their own VPN server at home using a Raspberry Pi and to access their files and folders which are in the network. For that, tutorials were used and adapted in order to install the VPN server and NAS. In order to prove that the whole process was successful, some tools, such as, Wireshark, were used to show how the network traffic works once the VPN is used. The process was successful and many concepts were learnt and used such as Cryptography, Port forwarding, dynamic DNS, OpenVPN, etc.

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


BSc in IT Y3