Turning a Low-Performing Organisation Into a High-Performing One Through The Implementation of a knowledge-based strategy


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Summer 7-2017

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This paper explores how a private company managing financial assets, evolved from a low-performing into a high-performing organisation through the implementation of a knowledge-based strategy. The issue both guiding and challenging this process was that this firm strove to break free from its original 'administrative' type of modus operandi to become an innovative and fast-paced organisation. Relying on a theoretical framework drawing on knowledge-intensity in organisations, as well as intellectual capital and knowledge management fields, this qualitative study identified 17 themes qualifying the firm's knowledge-based strategy. Through effectively managing its knowledge assets, the organisation achieved a knowledge-based competitive and sustainable advantage. Considered against the backdrop of the theoretical framework, the complementarity of the three theoretical lenses is emphasised.

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Stephen has worked in lecturing and academic management positions for over thirty years. He lectures at CCT College Dublin on Operations Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Business. Stephen has an MA in Economics from University College Dublin. More on Stephen at: https://www.cct.ie/cct-college-dublin-staff-profiles-expert-gallery/

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Global Business and Economics Review

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