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The CCT Student Mentoring Academy is a key institutional student success and student partnership initiative. In the Academy, students work in partnership with faculty to provide peer support opportunities across the college as well as structured support and guidance for peer mentors. The College’s Student Success Strategy 2021-23 states: “CCT will continue to grow and expand its CCT Student Mentoring Academy through faculty supervised peer support. Programmes such as these will continue to prioritize working in partnership with students to optimise the learning environment.” (2021, p.8) During the academic year 2020/21, the Student Mentoring Academy successfully migrated its activities from face-to face to an exclusively online format as remote teaching and learning continued due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the resumption of face-to-face teaching and learning in 2022, student mentoring activities will continue to avail of the virtual classroom and other technologies to augment its face-to face activities for enhanced inclusion and impact. Student mentoring activities traditionally focus on first year transitions, student acculturation and creating a sense of belonging. Whilst CCT Student Mentors contribute to these activities, the predominant focus of the Academy is to provide peer support to students in the teaching and learning context.