Graham Glanville


BB(Hons) in Business


Music Industry, Streaming Platforms, Piracy, Research Project


Consumption in the music industry has been changing considerably, moving from the analogue to the digital phase and finally to the total dematerialization of music. Despite digitalization making consumption more accessible and democratic to consumers, the emergence of piracy is becoming a problem for the music industry, which faces dizzying declines in its sales. In an era that is virtually impossible to control online consumption, streaming technology is developed and launched which, in addition to curbing illegal downloading practices, creates a new business model and becomes a new consumer trend as it develops. Based on this scenario, where digital and intangible forms take control, this work seeks through descriptive research based on specialized sources and reports, an analysis on related subjects that stimulate the understanding of the impacts caused on the industry that has emerged after the period critical of piracy. The study also reveals a general overview of the positive and negative influences of streaming technology, in relation to pre-existing media, artists and consumers who had to readjust the new trend that shaped the new music industry.

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


Applied Business Research Projects