Rory Byrne


BB(Hons) in Business


Human resource management, Employee turnover, Employee retention


This study aims to determine the causes of employee turnover in the restaurant industry in Ireland. It is well known that this sector represents high levels of employee turnover and staff shortages. Due to this, strategies aimed at counteracting the loss of employees and the attraction of new personnel will be proposed. This study seeks to delve into the voluntary causes for which employees decide to resign, increasing the unemployment rate, and therefore costs for the restaurant industry.

The applied research methodology considers the qualitative method, through surveys of employees who work directly in the hospitality sector, specifically in restaurants, through the sampling method, applied to 4 restaurants in Dublin. Identifying the age ranges among the participants, gender, nationality, and work satisfaction, as well as retention strategies, intending to provide reliable information so that the management area can identify which factors would contribute to reducing employee turnover rates or keeping them at acceptable levels.

Through the primary information, it is concluded that most of the employees were not happy with the treatment of the administrative area, the workloads they have, and the salary since they considered that the effort and responsibility that their work does not represent the salary received. There are high percentages of work stress, as well as discontent at work, due to the lack of rotation of activities and unbalanced working hours so that they can have a balanced life, as well as personal factors that are beyond the control of the managers. Concluding with the research, the relationship between the lack of application of retention strategies with the increases in voluntary unemployment rates is clearly shown, the reasons why they are not satisfied with their work can clearly be readdressed and some of they do not represent a high cost for the company, only a better organization and communication with the employees, so that they feel that they are considered an important part of the company where they work.

Date of Award

Summer 7-1-2022

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis