Graham Glanville


BB(Hons) in Business


Research Project, Marketing Research, Millennials


The topic being studied for this research is the examination of the growth of cruelty free products available for the 18 -24 age range. This is to highlight how the economy has being changing and adapting to new generations with the purpose of satisfying their needs and offer a more significant approach towards sustainability and animal testing. Animal cruelty on cosmetics is an extremely high concern for Millennials and Generations Z, those generations are constantly looking for sustainable improvements on their purchases. This case study aims to build new theories on whether a business can make profit in the long term when applying the cruelty free approach, as well as evaluating if cosmetics companies can increase their brand engagement when implementing cruelty free approach to designing products for the younger generations. The methods of research undertaken in this dissertation were qualitative and inductive approached, through accurate published articles, previous research done on the area, books, and certified websites. The findings that were achieve through the research showed that companies can, and are already making profits while applying a sustainable and cruelty free approach, also some companies showed that brand engagement becomes easier when brands are trying to design their product with the purpose of targeting Millennials and Generation Z by creating an approach that builds early loyalty, creates transparency and is sustainable.

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


Applied Business Research Projects