Graham Glanville


BB(Hons) in Business


Research Project, sustainable fashion, sustainability, consumer behaviour, garment industry


This project consisted of in-depth research on the theme of sustainability in the fashion market. The main focus was the search for the connection between consumers and industries on the subject related to sustainability, how companies will seek adaptation to the sustainable fashion market and how people are valuing this subject over the years.

The research presented relevant data that show how the new generation is more concerned with environmental issues, but still not much is being done in practical actions to make this happen.

Technology proved to be a great ally for this sustainable fashion market, as analysed in this research, through technological means people have more access to information and greater awareness when they are consuming new products, the research pointed out a positive connection between communication, technology and sustainability in the fashion market.

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


Applied Business Research Projects