Graham Glanville


BB(Hons) in Business


Content marketing, branding, smart assistants, voice command, marketing strategies


This article argues that the future of content marketing is strongly linked to the development of new technologies and how new technological devices influence the way companies engage with consumers. This paper aims to investigate how the development of personal voice assistants opens a new direction for companies to create substantial individualized, informational and engaging content. Content marketing is defined as the development of relevant and consistent brand content to create value among customers. Companies are being influenced by new technologies to conduct distinct formulas of content creation to develop a more engaging and aligned customer and brand relationship. The analysis is structured and conducted on the basis of questions in order to investigate more profound how the market is adapting content marketing. The paper is formulated by a literature review, consisting in the exploration of sources that communicate modern and actual examples of content marketing. The conclusion interprets that content marketing is being continuously influenced and adapted based on the technological advance. The arise of command voice devices induce new methods and delivery of content creation. Brands are expanding the abilities to communicate with loyal customers and creating personalized interaction to attract potential customers. In addition, the customer experience is also influenced by how a brand will create a real voice to communicate through voice command assistants. The techniques of marketing are integrated into branding and data analysis in order to generate a more humanized brand with compelling content. The study also concludes that the enormous amount of data produced by virtual assistants is the main struggle for the modern industry. Content marketing becomes a more integrated platform that connects a brand to customers’ expectations. Therefore, content marketing assures that consumers are fully engaged with the brand and more than never is making use of smart technologies to enhance the face of brands.

Date of Award

Summer 7-2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis