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In February 2020, CCT College Dublin convened the Monitoring and Review Team (MRT), to identify risk and mitigating actions required to ensure the continuity of programme delivery and supports to learners during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the event of potential campus closure. The team investigated good practice in online teaching, learning and assessment, regulatory frameworks and practices, technology supports, and human resources required to proactively support any potential shift to online delivery and supports. A peer consultation was also conducted with online teaching and learning experts across the sector (CCT College Dublin, 2020). Maintenance of academic standards and integrity were central to the project. The CCT Academic Council was responsible for the review and approval of contingency arrangements in respect of teaching, learning and assessment. This poster captures three key enhancements that the College implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic but retained post pandemic to further enhance programme delivery going forward.

Student-Centred Enhancements to Programme Delivery at CCT College Dublin

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