Ken Healy


Computer Science


Birthdays are special events for everybody and for most of people it is an important date in their life, it is the day where they feel honoured and appreciated by their friends, family, acquaintances…

The main reason for creating an application dedicated to make from the Birthday event a fun game, is generated after bearing in mind how the tradition of giving presents to honour a birthday person is something important in many people's lives.

Another aspect considered during the conception of this application is how fast the world is moving, and how sometimes it could be beneficial to have different options to make from an event something different and special.

Under this knowledge it is importantly understood that creating an app is a work that requires significant amounts of time and attention. Something that in a fast pace world like this can be considered a luxury.Nevertheless, the opportunity to offer something different to a specific target of users, who enjoy gaming options, is an interesting and worthwhile challenge to be taken.

Date of Award

Summer 5-2019

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


BSc in Information Technology