Muhammad Iqbal


HDip in Computing


Computer Science


Nowadays with the advance of technologies we have vast access to any sort of information. We are able to use our phone/computer to access the news of any part of the world. It is great to keep us informed about everything that is happening around the world. It is also a powerful tool used for companies while making strategic business decisions. The biggest issue is that technology can and is being used to manipulate people/companies by propagating fake news. Fake news can mislead people's perceptions while forming opinions on a determined subject. It can also have a big impact on a company during the strategic decision-making process. Our fake news detection model will allow people/companies to identify whether the news/information is real or not. With the model, people can form opinions on any subject without being manipulated by fake news. In the same way, companies can make better market decisions based on the analyses of real news/information instead of being influenced by fake news. Our fake news detection model will use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to predict if the news is real or fake. See below for a more detailed explanation of how our model will predict the news by analysing phrase patterns.

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