BSc (Hons) in Computing in IT


Computer Science


HUT is an online platform created by third year students at CCT College Dublin as the Final Project for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. The initial idea for the project came up during a meeting in a Café where we were all debating what would be the project theme and final product. During the first group meetings in college, our group came up with several good ideas but what would benefit us all, as students, would be something related to Online Learning because during our last academic year, a global pandemic began leaving Educational institutions with no option but adhere to online learning tools.

The students involved in the production of this document, as well as in the development of the Web Application: a Question & Answer Online Platform have successfully accomplished all stages of the Systems Development Life Cycle. The project has allowed each student to use the skills in which they are better at, exploring each one's qualities and capability.

The Planning was done following methodologies of Analysis and Design for Webbased Information Systems, including the creation of a system requirements list, use cases and elaboration of ERD, UML and other diagrams.

The Application is a RESTful API having its back-end developed using Spring Framework 5, Java 8, and MySQL, while its front-end was developed with Angular 9, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PrimeNG UI components.

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Resource Type

bachelor thesis


BSc in IT Y3