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Computer Science


Cycling has become more and more popular as a healthy activity and a transport option across many countries. This is not different in Ireland, a country where in April 2016, 56,837 people cycled to work; an increase of 43% since 2011 (Central statistics office, 2017).

Irish Government “committed to developing cycling as one of the most desirable modes of travel by 2020” as it plays an indispensable role in people’s lives (Sustainable transport division - department of transport, tourism and sport, 2009).

The “Balance” team managed to visualize that a strong cycling culture was becoming important in Ireland. Hence our team was seeking to develop a mobile application called “Track my Ride” to contribute to the cycling community whilst by answering a crucial question:

How can a cyclist manage and store its bike details?

Answering that question, we have intended provide tools where the cyclists could discard common concerns such as:

● Is this second-hand bike reported as missing?

● Is there any bike parking space near a specific location?

● How can I warn people if my bike goes missing?

Track My Ride is a bike management tool for bike-users, previous and/or future bike owners. Our main objective is to facilitate the way people manage and use their bikes, enhancing the cyclists experience while building an active online and collaborative cycling community.

Date of Award

Fall 2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

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bachelor thesis


BSc in IT Y3