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Tuesday, November 15th
12:00 AM

A Framework for securing edge computing in Medical Devices

David McQuaid, CCT College Dublin

12:00 AM

Defining financial risks and market trends through predictive data analysis

Marcelle Louise, CCT College Dublin
Luciana Teixeira, CCT College Dublin
Muhammad Shahbaz, CCT College Dublin
Giovanni Andrade, CCT College Dublin

12:00 AM

Institutional Repositories: The Heca Experience

Ann Byrne, Hibernia College
Dimphne Ni Bhraonain, Griffith College - Ireland
Tiernan O' Sullivan, Dublin Business School
Debora Zorzi, CCT College

12:00 AM

Prediction stress levels on Higher Education students using machine learning

Valentina Quiroga, CCT College Dublin
Alejandra Quintanilla, CCT College Dublin
José Najera, CCT College Dublin

12:00 AM

Simulations of Plasma Species during liquid plasma interaction in Two Phase Flow at Atmospheric Pressure

Muhammad Iqbal

12:00 AM