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Since its foundation in 2005, CCT College Dublin has had a strong focus on digital innovation to enhance the teaching and learning experience. In February of 2019, prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning's Irish National Digital Experience INDEx Survey indicated that 78.3% of students positively rated digital teaching and learning approaches at CCT (31.9% excellent and 3.4% best imaginable). With the emergency online pivot in March 2020 and QQI’s approval of CCT’s blended learning extension of scope application, CCT has subsequently upgraded all of its classrooms for hybrid delivery and promoted the Community of Inquiry pedagogical approach (Garrison, Anderson and Archer, 1999) for the virtual classroom. Digital transformation at CCT is informed by sectoral research and a partnership approach engaging all stakeholders. This poster highlights recent developments pertaining to digital transformation involving faculty in the context of programme delivery. Scores for digital infrastructure and support in the 2022 CCT Annual Student Engagement Survey were extremely high with 90% of respondents positively rating the virtual classroom at CCT (good, very good or excellent). 88% of respondents also positively rated the navigation and layout of CCT Moodle's instance as well as the software and platforms used to support the delivery of programmes.

Digital Transformation Impacting Programme Delivery at CCT College Dublin