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Winter 18-11-2020


A small team at CCT College Dublin was given a very big goal. A new IR and faculty profiling tool from Digital Commons was provided to enable strategic developments pertaining to institutional scholarly activity. In the span of little more than a year – and in the midst of COVID - Team CCT has made quick strides in using their IR to underpin and showcase teaching and learning activities, student achievement, quality and enhancement projects, research activity (including student research), and sectoral engagement. Although in the relatively early stages of development, the IR is now successfully embedded across many institutional activities with further plans in the pipeline which will be explored in this webinar.

During this one hour program we’ll cover the following topics:
1. Library Services and the IR Team at CCT College
2. Tailoring IR Design To Your Context
3. Strategic Application of the IR at CCT
4. Student Work, A Catalyst for IR Engagement


Full recording of seminar can be viewed at:

Making Your IR Work for Your Context - CCT College Dublin: A Case Study