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Graham is Dean of School at CCT College Dublin and Head of the CCT Centre for Teaching and Learning. In these capacities, he provides a leading role in the overall programmatic and academic development of the College and in the enhancement of institutional teaching and learning.More on Graham at:

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Annual Postgraduate Conference at Trinity College Dublin 2019

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This research set out to enhance engagement in computer programming, a known difficult subject area for 1st year BSc in IT students. Programming lecturing staff had strong reservations about introducing group work in their classes, claiming group work was a counter-productive learning approach. The study was framed on a mixed methods action research approach, and a number of interventions, centred on reflective learning and social learning, were introduced. The findings indicated a strong preference by students to work in groups when tackling computer programming problems, but no strong evidence was found that reflective or social learning activities enhance programming skill level. A key contribution to practice was the introduction of a student mentoring academy within the institution, with programming as a central theme.

Cultivating Academic Self-Efficacy Through Supportive Social And Self Regulated Learning Strategies for Students in Higher Education