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One of the areas that causes difficulty for applicants seeking initial access to validation or reengagement with QQI is a common understanding of the nature and scope of governance that should be in place. QQI has published a new resource to assist providers and panel members in interpreting the QQI Core Statutory (QA) Guidelines (April 2016) in relation to governance and the management of quality. The document, designed by senior academic leaders and panel members, Dermot Douglas and Naomi Jackson, will be useful to both existing QQI providers that intend to reengage with QQI, and organisations that are interested in applying to QQI for initial access to validation i.e. not currently a QQI provider but interested in becoming one. It explains key aspects of governance that should be considered when designing, evaluating, reviewing or renewing governance arrangements, and is aimed at imparting to providers and panel members a consistent understanding of the key concepts and aspects of effective governance structures while avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.



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Interpretation and Practical Application of the QQI Core Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines Section 2.1 Governance and Management of Quality.pdf