Inaugural Renewable Energy Bursary 2020


Inaugural Renewable Energy Bursary 2020


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Kelvin lectures on Project Management at CCT College Dublin. He has an MSc in Space Science and Technology from University College Dublin. In addition to lecturing at CCT, Kelvin is also a researcher, tutor and demonstrator at Dublin City University and teaches at the Council on International Educational Exchange. Kelvin is currently enrolled as a student on the CCT Certificate in Teaching and Learning which incorporates a digital badge from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning on Teaching Strategies for (New) Lecturers. Further information on Kelvin at:

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The bursary was run this year for the first time in memory of the late Niamh Burke by her former firm Arthur Cox and her family. The fund was promoted on behalf of her colleagues and family by the Irish Wind Energy Association.

Over a 20-year career Niamh advised on some of Ireland's largest energy, infrastructure and construction projects. To honour her memory and her contribution to the development of renewable energy in Ireland, the bursary was established in 2020 and offers up to €10,000 each year for a period of five years to individuals wishing to study or to carry out research in the field of renewable energy.


Kelvin will begin a PhD to explore the role of hydrogen in Ireland’s decarbonisation strategy in September 2020 in Dublin City University. He has a background in Production Engineering.

Upon receiving the bursary Kelvin Martins said: “I applied for the Niamh Burke Renewable Energy Bursary because it is a great opportunity for me to do a PhD related to sustainability and climate justice. My studies will start in September 2020 and my project will explore the potential of hydrogen in helping decarbonise the Irish energy system, integrating it with current energy generation technologies. I sincerely hope it will help instigate change in this carbon-intensive world and make a difference in today’s environmental crisis.”

Inaugural Renewable Energy Bursary 2020